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Restoration process


Car delivery

The car is primarily an expensive item of property and, therefore, it needs careful loading and unloading, as well as secure attachment to the platform. Our experts will prepare cars for transportation. The transported vehicle must be cleared of foreign objects, technical liquids, the battery must be disconnected. After that, our specialists and the client take pictures of his initial state before transporting the car to the place of restoration.


For a complete restoration, the car is completely dismantled, and all parts - from the engine to the elements of the cabin - are removed from the body, carefully photographed (this greatly simplifies the assembly process), and then folded into specially designated places. Due to this, we can determine which parts are unsuitable and must be ordered, or made by hand.

Engine and transmission

The birthplace of each Porsche can rightly be considered a racing track. Our experts are ready to restore any engine, maintaining the authenticity of the engine and transmission. If necessary, the engine is completely disassembled and cleaned. Defective parts are replaced by original parts or parts reproduced from original drawings. To adjust the engine we use the original figures specified by the manufacturer. If necessary, the engine and transmission can be professionally tuned according the customer desires.

Car body

After removing the rust from the body, our specialists open all the hidden internal holes - a necessary step to prepare the car for immersion in a bath to remove old paint. Then the frame of the car is installed on the stand for straightening the body. For this purpose, we use instruments for measuring the body, doors and windows, modeled on the equipment on which the parts that have become classics today, were made. If necessary, our experienced mechanics give the deformed areas their original form. Parts of the body that are affected by rust particularly hard, are cut off and replaced with new original spare parts.


To achieve the best result during the restoration of the car, the company Original Classic produces car painting with the use of modern technologies. A well-restored car is noticeable and attractive to the eyes, it causes admiration, you can admire its external forms for hours. Needless to say, what a significant role in the perception is played by properly and accurately carried out painting work. Therefore, the coloring of the car body is an extremely serious job that requires special equipment and a high level of skill of the masters.


Our experts can repair and restore the interior or completely change the interior, using materials that are not inferior in quality to the original. Here you can afford the flight of fantasy with almost no limits. Our experts will satisfy almost all your desires.

Completion of work

We carry out lengthy test drives, during which several experts check the engine and transmission, listen to wind noise and carefully inspect the chassis and paint. Only when the specialists are completely satisfied, the client is able to reunite with his invaluable four-wheel friend again.